Touched by the Gift of Goodwill

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“inside this trunk There are secrets hid and if you should open just close the lid”​

Like Frank Baum’s Oz and C.S. Lewis’s Narnia, MM Allen brings to life the fantastical world of Wishapick – a land of courageous animals ruled by a cruel rattlesnake king who has condemned the villagers to live without light. Chosen as the reluctant hero to save the villagers, Jack must face terrifying creatures and overwhelming odds if he wants to help his new friends – and return home himself.

“I haven’t had as much fun reading a tall tale in, I don’t know how long? I read it over three very busy days. I couldn’t wait to get back to it – Jack & Lilly were up to something and I wanted to know! What did the pudding have to do with anything? MM - thank you for the imaginative and warm heart-beats. The music is fantastical!”

Robert Johnson (renowned author and artist –Bob Johnson Gallery)

“Wishapick - a timeless tale that takes readers on a breathtaking adventure, with a companion CD for purchase. Imaginatively orchestrated, delightful vocals and catchy melodies.”

Patti Teel (well- known author and children’s recording artist- Dream Flight Productions)

Darkness -utter blackness. Was this why his mother had refused to let Jack unlock his father’s old trunk? It had been two years since his dad had died, and all Jack could think about was examining whatever treasures were stored inside the beloved trunk. But when he finally lifted the lid, he didn’t just fall in-he fell through it into a pit of rattlesnakes!

Trying to recall his mother’s stories about the Breath of All Good Things – anything to help him out of his dangerous predicament – Jack wished he had paid attention rather than mock the tales as childish myths… and that he’d waited to enter the trunk with his sister, Lilly. They could at least face this together.​​

Christian Fantasy Childrens Book