Touched by the Gift of Goodwill

Beautiful music is God breathing love into us
And caressing our tender hearts…

I thank YOU for music
It is YOU singing through my heart
It is YOU opening my heart
It is YOU inside my heart 

 -Deborah Wynne

Prayer, Creativity & the Divine

MM Allen weaves the backstory of Wishapick into a thoughtful message of how Prayer, Creativity and the Divine gently coexist in our lives.  Prayer is intimate, Creativity is fearless, and the Divine is always giving. MM shares these stories along with Deborah’s insights and music in a reflection of love. These rich backstories, about the making of Wishapick, confirm her belief that God is Good and each of us is an extension of the Divine’s Goodwill. MM believes that if each of us remembers that we are loved, then intimate, fearless giving will unfold into our lives.