• King O'Sirus and Queen Sanctuary0:51
  • Tickety Boo0:43
  • Cheese1:06
  • Crimson Tray1:06

“with just a dollop of pudding
they’ll pay the price
a weapon so precise
can make the nasty nice”

Music has always been a part of my life.  As a little girl I would compose piano pieces on my grandmother’s piano. She had an old upright in the parlor of her home.  It felt like I was in the midst of great and wondrous moments when I sat in her parlor playing the piano keys, not knowing what delightful song would spring from my fingertips into the world.  It was a time of sublime possibility.  

Now as an adult, when immersed in creating music, I am still able to enter that place of imagination and possibility.   I believe in music and its gifts.  It can lift us up and carry us to a place of absolute wonder--a place like Wishapick—a land which makes the nasty nice and where wishes come true.  
MM Allen captures all that wonder and more in her fabulous book about a land called Wishapick.  She certainly captured me with her extraordinary imagination.   As the story unfolded in her heart and mind, the music emerged in me, song after song.   I had no idea I would be on such a delightful, enchanting journey with MM.  It has been a wonderful adventure.
Deborah offers you a glimpse into the world of Wishapick through some of the songs you will enjoy on the companion CD.  

Deborah Wynne

Touched by the Gift of Goodwill

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