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Review by:  Dick Leonardo

“ ….breathy and fantastical storytelling style….imaginations will flourish.   MM Allen’s descriptive writing appeals to all senses.  ….a music CD that allows readers a deeper look into the characters and story.

“From the first chapter you are taken on a journey into the unknown that is wild and unexpected. … is an action –packed middle grade novel that will intrigue kids of all ages!”

“….absorbing tale….classic, timeless.  Allen has created absolutely adorable characters.”

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Wishapick Reviews

“MM thank you for the imaginative and warm heart –beats. The music is fantastical.”

“…. well plotted and fast paced…. her use of imagery and description makes the world of Wishapick and its inhabitants come alive. The story is accompanied by a CD containing a musical score and collection of songs.”

….timeless tale that takes readers on a breathtaking adventure. Loveable characters that quickly become cherished friends. The companion CD, for separate purchase, is imaginatively orchestrated, delightful vocals and catchy melodies.”

“MM Allen is a masterful in creating a highly imaginative, lively/scary tale that moves along with energy and exuberance that one cannot put the book down. People of all ages will be captivated.  The music is a joy to listen to….first class.”

Fairview Review

Robert Johnson – author – artist

Wishapick Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk

Review by J. Mary Taylor, Ph.D., author and biologist

Moonbeam Children's Book Award

“Targeted for a middle grade audience of 9-12 year old children, this well-written book contains elements of adventure, fantasy, magic, and humor in just the right combination. ….Listening to the music and closing my eyes, the reader can easily feel transported inside a Disney movie. I highly recommend….librarians and teachers could use this book as a read aloud to open up discussion on many topics.”

Patti Teel – children’s recording artist


“An exceptionally well written and original entertainment for young readers….very highly recommended for personal, school, and community library children's fiction collections.”

The Children’s Book Review-Growing Readers

Reviewed by: Children’s Book Review

Indie Blog

Review by: jayasree's

Touched by the Gift of Goodwill

“….the author uses sensory images to help the readers visualize the setting and the action. ….we can easily imagine reaching out and touching a muddy tunnel wall. The bright and cozy color, of everything….the smells that evoke a sense of belonging and contentment.  ….The companion CD weaves its own spell, bringing the characters to life using the perfect vocals and accompaniment.”

Midwest Book Review

It’s Fundamental Blog Review

Little Miss History Blog

Book & Soundtrack Review

Review by:  Barbara Ann Mojica

Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Jack Magnus - ★★★★★

“MM Allen has created a new and entertaining Fairy tale. It will bring kids imaginations alive. ….the reader will be captivated to the end.  Along with the book is a brilliant CD by Deborah Wynne.”